music by tom gundermann

the show is now off the road

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I wish we had a picture to share, because this will be hard to really do justice with words. Tom recently was nudged by God to accept a new ministry position several states away. So, a couple of months ago, we relocated our family from NY to MN. This is not a small task, of course, in the physical sense nor the emotional sense. We left most of our belongings behind to be moved by a company, but wanted to move our most valuable instruments and equipment ourselves. To this end, Tom drove two full days with an electric keyboard, 2 trumpets, an upright bass, an electric bass, a mandolin, a banjo, an amp, and 2 guitars…in our prius…with a canoe on top. He was a sight. Thankfully he arrived safely and we are slowly finding our way. I am glad the show is now off the road and stacked on the kitchen cabinets of our dorm apartment instead.


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