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It’s Getting Real

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So….  it’s been a bit since we’ve last blogged!  Here we are though, in July 2019 with the National (and International) LCMS Youth Gathering in Minneapolis!  As Jason Rahn from CSP says, it’s time to “channel the flannel”!!!  Praise Jesus!  We Gundermanns, Kayla, Noah, and Eva, along with Amy and I, will be playing  music before the lumber jack show at the District Events hosted by CSP.  We are soooo looking forward to it!

As we’ve been preparing, we recorded some songs-some new, some old.  (Go to“Real, Present God You Are!!!” is a new song, obviously centered on the theme of the Gathering.  “Valley of Bones/Pentecost Roars” (Ezekiel 37/Acts 2) is about a year old, written a year ago for Pentecost Sunday at St. Stephanus in Saint Paul. “Throw Your Net” (John 21) was written for a skit a few years back for chapel at Concordia, Saint Paul.  “Hearts on Fire,” (Luke 24) “Ghost” (I have no idea-wrote it 20 some years ago) and “Peace, Be Still” (Mark 4) are old songs of mine, two sung with BUCK for many years and the other from a VBS musical written for Peace Lutheran Church in Robbinsdale.  “Through the Seasons” is an original by my son, Noah.  Enjoy that one!  We threw in “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” as one we do often at our church and elsewhere. 

Also on the site are old songs when the kids were much younger, including a Christmas album from…. 2012?  It’s worth checking out. 

God’s peace and blessings in Christ Jesus!  Tom


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